Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why does your company need an out-house general counsel?

Corporate "In-House" counsel are an invaluable resource for companies. They deal with the day-to-day legal issues of running the company and serve as the line of prevention when it comes to making business decisions that may have legal effects against the company. Small and medium sized businesses that don't have "in-house" counsel have to deal with these same issues. As a business owner, you need a lawyer you can call on to handle these issues. That is why my partner and I developed our "Out-House" General Counsel practice. We provide "in-house" counsel services to those companies that do not have an "in-house" counsel on staff.

Graves & Alexander LLP ("GA") was established by Daniel James Alexander II, Esq. and Geoffrey A. Graves, Esq., seasoned business attorneys, to provide services to small and mid-size businesses such as those that are provided by an "in-house" attorney at a large corporation. GA provides its clients access to a wealth of information and experience gained as a result of over a combined twenty-five years of litigation/transactional practice.

As your General Counsel, you will have experienced business attorneys address all of your legal concerns, from the proper legal structure for your business (such as a corporation, LLC, or partnership), to the numerous issues that impact the operation of your business (such as drafting agreements, labor law and compliance issues). We also offer a unique service called a legal audit.

Companies face a bewildering array of laws and regulations that impact various areas of operations. A properly conducted legal audit is a way for management to frame, prioritize and anticipate the most important issues and minimize costly surprises which distract management focus.

The Legal Audit Checklist is a checklist of twelve key areas of inquiry that a GA lawyer will audit (see presentation below.) Analogous to a medical physical exam, the purpose of the legal audit is to understand your current condition, identify any problems, and enable you to take appropriate actions to correct or arrest the worsening of current problems and to avoid/prevent future problems. It is more cost effective to catch these issues earlier than later to avoid costly litigation. However, if you are forced to face litigation GA has the litigation experience to see you through to the end.

As a GA client, I become an integral part of your team. Not only do I perform the "General Counsel" function, but I do it with your bottom line in mind. I Offer More Than Sound Legal Advice....... I Offer A Partner To Share Your Entrepreneurial Vision.


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