Friday, May 8, 2009

JD Scoop Lawyers to Follow on Twitter

JD Supra is a site dedicated to showcasing the work of lawyers across the country. In September 2008, it published a list of lawyers to follow on Twitter. It continues to monitor legal "tweets" and adds lawyers to the list periodically. I recently made the list and am at no. 645. You can see the list at

To follow me on Twitter you can hit the button on the right column of this blog or go directly to



Phil Miles said...

Thanks for letting me know about this! Did you do anything (like submit your twitter id or start following a specific twitter id) to let them know you're a tweeting atty? Or do they actively seek out the people on the list?


dja2law said...

They look for twitter IDs with "Law" or "Legal" in them and follow them to check the posts. You can also contact them directly @jdtwitt and request to be added to list.

Lori said...

Very helpful post.
keep posting these kind of stuffs.
Thanks a lot for the information.

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