Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cost Effective Out-House General Counsel Legal Solutions

I have had many discussions with business owners expressing frustration about Corporate/Business lawyers that companies and in-house counsel have been trying to address for many years – the high cost and opportunity lost of traditional law firm services. The business model of traditional law firms does not work for start-ups and many established companies are not receiving cost effective representation when retaining traditional law firms to perform their corporate legal work. Retaining an “Out House General Counsel” offers a solution to these frustrations by providing cost-effective, value-based, general counsel services to start-up, fast-growth and mid-size companies. With over fifteen years of corporate legal experience (both transactional and litigation), I provide industry proven, senior level general counsel attorney experience to companies for a monthly retainer well below the cost of a traditional hourly rate law firm and with none of the overhead of adding a new legal department which makes it possible for companies to enjoy all of the advantages of having an experienced “out-house” general counsel contributing to the success of the management team.

The entire business model of corporate law firms is going to have to adapt to the current market. With all the “online” legal services available, lawyers can’t assume that companies will turn to them when transactional legal issues arise. Today, many small and mid-size companies are being priced out of the law firm market and are looking for alternative ways to get legal services. Nothing takes the place of a business lawyer. My "Out-House General Counsel” practice provides business clients with critical corporate legal services replicating, as much as possible, the methods, approach, and style of an "in-house" law department. It is a cost-effective solution to the high price of traditional law firm lawyers.

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Anonymous said...

I sure could have used your general counsel and legal solutions during the past 23 years of being a small business owner. Your services would have saved me from huge legal fees with serious parternership issues, as well as advice on dealing with corperate and entertainment accounts.
My best wishes for success with 'OUT-HOUSE' General Counsel Services. It will be a valuable service to small business owners in these economically troubled times!

Daniel Alexander II, A Professional Corporation said...


Thank you for your comments. Please spread the word.


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