Saturday, October 3, 2009

So You Want To Expand Your Small Business Internationally

I recently came across a great blog called The Global Small Business Blog.  It is a great source of information for small businesses looking to expand internationally. I have had several clients contact me to draft international contracts and assist them with their international business aspirations.  I wish I had known about this blog while I was performing that work.

If you intend to do business in other countries, or you are a lawyer advising such a business, then you most certainly will need some help with international trade law. Again, I encourage all small business owners to consult with qualified business lawyers.  Depending on your international business aspirations, you may need to consult with an International Business Lawyer.

The Global Small Business Blog (GSBB) was founded on July 20, 2004 by Laurel Delaney for the purpose of helping entrepreneurs and small businesses expand their businesses internationally. She recently posted about a Compendium of Trade Law Summaries.  Produced by the member law firms of Lexwork International (network of independent law firms), this Compendium provides trade law summaries for over 30 jurisdictions prepared by law firms located there, including the most significant United States trading partners. This is a great resource for any small business looking to expand internationally.

This does not mean you don't need a good business lawyer with international experience or an International Business Law Specialist. Every global small business at some point needs a good business lawyer during rapid growth stage (or before if you're really smart about anticipating what's ahead). Your business lawyer will become one of your trusted advisors and an integral part of your global "dream team."  I would like to thank The Global Small Business Blog for this great post.

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