Monday, January 17, 2011

How is the Out-House General Counsel different from other "Business Attorneys?"

I have created an "out-house general counsel" model.  The idea behind it is simple.  I offer my business clients a variety of "in-house" type legal services from an experienced attorney in a manner that fits their budget and improves the level of legal service delivery to the client.  I am not a total replacement of the company's outside law firm, instead I do most of the work in-house at a far lower cost than variable hourly rate firms.  Most importantly, I always approach legal issues from a "business" perspective.  What makes perfect "legal" sense doesn't always make "business" sense.  My goal is to take both a "legal" and "business" perspective when providing out-house general counsel services to my clients.

My clients have a dedicated attorney who takes the time to understand their business from the inside out, and knows how to work with businesspersons on achieving result-oriented otucomes.  I offer flexible billing models, including fixed-fee monthly membership programs, for clients who want to limit their exposure to legal fees and be able to budget accurately.  Because my model is streamlined with very limted overhead, the cost of my legal services is much lower then traditional firms.

All the major corporations in the United States have "legal departments" to handle the legal aspects of running their businesses.  Your business has the same legal needs as the big guys.  Contact the The Out-House General Counsel for a free consultation.